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What are the Stormtroopers?

The last evolution in the line of the Clone Troopers, encased in hardened white plastoid armor, these Imperial shock troops neutralize resistance to the New Order and are totally loyal to the Emperor even in the face of certain death. Used as first-strike forces, they cannot be bribed or blackmailed. Stormtroopers live in a totally-disciplined environment and are militaristic to the core.

Star Wars in

If you use the free Office software then try this in the spreadsheet software: In any cell type in =Game(“StarWars”). A …

What is an AT-ST Walker?

The relatively lightweight and speedy All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) is used by Imperial forces for reconnaissance and ground support for both …

LucasFilm to Release Unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy

Han Shoots FirstWe were sure it would never happen- we would never get the original unaltered Star Wars trilogy on DVD. For all future generations, Greedo would always have shot first, the effects would have been flawless and so on.

And now Lucas changes his mind. More DVD money for them, I guess. The DVD will be available only for a limited time (=mad fan rush) between September and December this year, but the trouble is we all know it won’t be for a limited time. We’ve all been burnt before. Remember the Celebration “exclusive” toys that were later available online for all fan club members? Remember the multiple versions of multiple DVDs we’ve had.

What is an AT-AT Walker?

A combat and transport vehicle, the immense four-legged Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport is as much a psychological weapon of terror as …

What is a Droideka (battle droid)?

To make up for the weaknesses of battle droids, a special contract was awarded for the creation of an altogether different combat droid that wuold be a much more serious weapon. The design was created by a species of chitinous Colicoids in their own image on a planet far from the Republic’s core. Colicoids are known for their completely unfeeling and murderous ways, and Colla IV has been embroiled for many years in diplomatic disputes related to the death and consumption of visitors to the system. The droideka was exactly what concerned Trade Federation officers wanted; a formidable heavy-duty killing machine to back up the battle droids in the face of determined opposition.