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Star Wars Rocks

And on the guitar, from the great dunes of Tatooine, the great wamp-rat slayer Luke Skywalker! That’s Leia on the vocals, Chewy …

Star Wars Poster Store

We have joined forces with AllPosters to provide you with a customized Star Wars Poster Shop here at

Tie Fighter Case Mod + Table

Through this story at Slashdot, I found this fantastic winner of a sci-fi PC case-mod competition at ExtremeTech. In his (Dave Barry …

Great Deal on Star Wars Posters

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This Weekend: Sci-Fi Expo

A heads up to everyone- the SciFi Expo is this weekend in . Ben Stevens, writes in with a lot of information about the event. It’s a Star Wars themed even this time around (of course!). [...]

The Wookies I’ve Dated

For the romantic book readers out there, here’s one for the record books. I’ll let the book speak for itself. It opens: [...]

K-Mart has AOTC Toys

I saw them! I saw them! Actually, just lightsabers.. but I bought myself a Count Dooku curved lightsaber. Red. Cool. Electronic. Sweet!