GFA Turns 12

While the glory days are gone, GFA still lives on, with large numbers of visitors daily thanks to the mysterious algorithms at …

Celebration V Highlights

Whether it’s your first or your fifth time, Star Wars Celebration, an annual Star Wars convention this year held in Orlando, Florida, …

You Know You’re A Star Wars Nerd When…

  1. frequently get headaches trying to move things with your mind.

  2. …you say “Use the Foooorce” in completely serious situations.

  3. …you tell people your hunk-of-junk car can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

  4. …you don’t care that a parsec is not a measurement of time.

  5. …Jar Jar Binks makes you cry.

  6. …Mark Hamil calls you a Star Wars nerd.