30 Years: Star Wars Celebration 4 in Los Angeles

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, the 4th Star Wars Celebration will be held in Los Angeles in May of 2007. It will be a 5-day event from the 24h to the 28th of May with the first day reserved for all Fan Club members. The most important announcement for collectors:

One of the highlights for fans at a Star Wars convention is the chance to buy unique merchandise, including an exclusive, limited-edition action figure. Because this has led to bottlenecks and long lines in the past, the Celebration IV store will be bigger than ever, self-service, well-stocked with merchandise, have plenty of check-out lanes…and be open 24 hours a day from the opening of the show on Thursday until the close on Monday!

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I hope I get to see the actors and actrssess from the film. I would love to meet or see Hayden, Natalie, Mark & Carrie most of all.

Hey Everyone,
I think that it is a real cool idea about the Celebration 4. I was hoping that there was another Celebration, even though the saga is all complete. I am very excitted about attending the celebration next year. However I have been attending the Sci-Fi convention down in Texas in Dallas in Arlington. I have met some people from Star Wars and I am looking forward to meeting more of them next year. Thank you so very much for deciding to go ahead and have a celebration 4 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the oriinal trilogy.


May The Force Be With You

Celebration will not bring out the big stars but will bring the largest selection of any convention. Hayden, Natalie will not be there. Mark and Carrie are maybes but no more than likely. Hotels are already sold out up to 1 mile from the convention center and getting harder to get. I have been to the others and they are lots of fun. Expect 2 hour wait to get in the convention, 7 hour wait for 4 action figures, 2-5 hours per autograph. And take lots of money.

To the webmaster: Are you planning to go? I forsee a brief flurry of updates on this website in Summer, regardless….

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