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Star Wars FAQ

Star Wars FAQ

What are the Stormtroopers?

The last evolution in the line of the Clone Troopers, encased in hardened white plastoid armor, these Imperial shock troops neutralize resistance to the New Order and are totally loyal to the Emperor even in the face of certain death. Used as first-strike forces, they cannot be bribed or blackmailed. Stormtroopers live in a totally-disciplined environment and are militaristic to the core.

What is an AT-ST Walker?

The relatively lightweight and speedy All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) is used by Imperial forces for reconnaissance and ground support for both …

What is an AT-AT Walker?

A combat and transport vehicle, the immense four-legged Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport is as much a psychological weapon of terror as …

What is a Droideka (battle droid)?

To make up for the weaknesses of battle droids, a special contract was awarded for the creation of an altogether different combat droid that wuold be a much more serious weapon. The design was created by a species of chitinous Colicoids in their own image on a planet far from the Republic’s core. Colicoids are known for their completely unfeeling and murderous ways, and Colla IV has been embroiled for many years in diplomatic disputes related to the death and consumption of visitors to the system. The droideka was exactly what concerned Trade Federation officers wanted; a formidable heavy-duty killing machine to back up the battle droids in the face of determined opposition.

What is the Blaster Rifle?

The standard Imperial sidearm is the BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle. This weapon has a three-position stock which allows for optimum bracing during …

Who was Bib Fortuna?

Bib Fortuna is a Twi’lek who worked hard to gain his position as Jabba the Hutt’s majordomo. His life started on the …

What are Space Slugs?

Escaping Imperial fighters, Han Solo flies his Millenium Falcon into a cave- before the famous words “This is no cave.” are uttered. …