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What is an AT-ST Walker?

The relatively lightweight and speedy All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) is used by Imperial forces for reconnaissance and ground support for both troops and the larger AT-AT walkers.

Although smaller than AT-ATs at about 8.6 meters tall, they are significantly faster: on flat terrain they can move along at a 90-kilometer-an-hour clip. The two-legged walker has a small but highly maneuverable armored command pod that houses a pilot and a gunner. Each leg has a sharp claw that can slice through natural or man-made obstacles.

With just two legs and a gyro balance system that is highly susceptible to damage, the AT-ST is more prone to tipping over than the AT-AT. But its flexibility and fire power make it a strong addition to the battlefield.

Scout walkers are often used to lay down a blanket of covering fire for Imperial ground troops and for defending the flanks and somewhat vulnerable underbelly of AT-ATs. Its two-man crew enters and exits through a hatch atop the armor-plated command cabin.

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