A Historian’s Interpretation of the Star Wars Thanksgiving Portrait

Star Wars Thanksgiving
When an enthusiast happens upon a historical document of this nature, there is a risk of supplying a narrative where there is none. However, there is much to comment on here.

Luke and Salacious are getting along; perhaps Mr. Crumb is the only one at dinner who will laugh at Luke’s jokes.

Han and Jabba appear to have made peace, but look into Jabba’s eyes and tell me he’s not high on Tryptophan or something worse. This historian suspects death sticks.

Bib Fortuna is a loner, as is Mr. Calrissian, neither of which is a surprise. But Oola? Why will no man or woman give Oola company?

This suggests that Oola may not, in fact, be invited as a guest. She may be the help, or worse, evening entertainment. The look on her face tells a story.

Leia is going for the food with gusto, or is she? We think the true target of Leia’s fork is the Jawa sneaking out from under the table.

What was the Jawa doing? It is unlikely that the Jawa was an invited guest—in the social climate of that era, a Jawa would have been tolerated as a trading partner, but would never share a dinner table with a human. Contrary to popular opinion, while the Battle of Endor and the fall of the Empire improved relations between species and dismantled state-sponsored discrimination, fundamental prejudices remained for at least another century ABY.

If one is to fall prey to stereotypes, one would assume that the Jawa has stolen something and is making a run for it. However, based on the dire predicament of the Jawa tribes in and around Dune Sea and the abundance of food at this venue, the opinion of this author is that the Jawa is merely starving and is here to grab the crumbs off the floor. A grand theft, right under the proverbial and literal noses of the galaxy’s most powerful, is an act of such hubris that one cannot attribute it to a lone, unarmed Jawa.

In light of these findings, Leia’s motives are questionable. Popular folklore of the Endor struggle have cast Leia as a champion of downtrodden species, but this picture asks us to reconsider our beliefs.

However, the one vignette from this picture that this historian will carry is his heart forever is that of Dengar passing the carrots to Boba Fett. It is a small gesture, but in light of their long and storied history together, it is the perfect image to carry with you this Thanksgiving.

Good night, and Happy Thanksgiving.

[Image credit: Star Wars on Facebook]

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