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Classic Trilogy

Classic Trilogy

On BBC Tonight

UPDATE: They did use a little bit of what I said- in the first minute or so of the program. You can …

LucasFilm to Release Unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy

Han Shoots FirstWe were sure it would never happen- we would never get the original unaltered Star Wars trilogy on DVD. For all future generations, Greedo would always have shot first, the effects would have been flawless and so on.

And now Lucas changes his mind. More DVD money for them, I guess. The DVD will be available only for a limited time (=mad fan rush) between September and December this year, but the trouble is we all know it won’t be for a limited time. We’ve all been burnt before. Remember the Celebration “exclusive” toys that were later available online for all fan club members? Remember the multiple versions of multiple DVDs we’ve had.

Yesterday by Luke Skywalker

Wrote this with my sister many, many years ago when this site began. Recently rediscovered. (later re-done by The Beatles) Yesterday, the …

Star Wars on the Internet

While there are tons of people who surf the internet in search of Star Wars mp3s, midis, sound clips, videos and jpegs; a lot of people would just like to find new and cool Star Wars stuff on the internet. To that end, I present to you two tools:

Star Wars: Amputations

Now this came in a couple of days ago courtesy of Perry- and while I can’t see myself buying these T-shirts, but …

Thank George

Dan Madsen, former editor of the Insider has launched a web site to host a letter to thank George Lucas for sharing his saga with us. While I wouldn’t go as far as hosting a web site solely for that purpose, I do believe my web site itself is it’s own ‘thank you’ to the maker. [...]