Revenge of the Sith Wins Two Saturn Awards

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith won two Saturn Awards yesterday: for Best Science Fiction Film and for Best Score. Good choices!

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star wars has had many proplewo have enjoyed it for 30 years and i think it is george lucas who
derserves the credit for making teens and adults happy from when the star destroyer blowing up a rebel to the mustafar battle between two friends,it has impacted people since may 25th,1977 and soon it gave its final bow on may 19th,2005. when i saw on may 21st when opening crawl came up i was whoa! lets keep watching and when the mustafar fight i was like yes/no because i figured it was going to be awesome and sad at the same time
thank you george lucas and usc may yhe force be with during this time of celebration

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