Troops FAQ

What is the Emperor’s (Imperial) Royal Guard?

Imperial Royal GuardMysterious and imposing in their blood-red robes and helmets, the Emperor’s Royal Guard is loyal to Palpatine with every fiber of their existence. The members of this elite force are former stormtroopers, hand-picked for their size, strength, intelligence and loyalty. The unit is so secretive that suggestions as to its strength range from 50 to the tens of thousands, although it is probably much closer to the lower figure.

The Royal Guard report only to Palpatine, and a handful are always with him. They are fighters, assassins and protectors, according to the Emperor’s wishes. Their main weapons include 2-meter force pikes that are almost as lethal as the heavy blaster pistols concealed beneath their robes.

They began to appear as part of Palpatine’s personal security force after as he rose in power from Chancellor to Emperor.

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