Troops FAQ

What is an AT-AT Walker?

A combat and transport vehicle, the immense four-legged Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport is as much a psychological weapon of terror as an actual weapon of destruction.

More than 15 meters tall and 20 meters long, it can stride across a flat battlefield at up to 60 kilometers an hour and lob heavy laser fire from the cannons mounted beneath its “chin” while providing supporting fire from two medium blasters on each side of its head.

Its armored body can offload 40 heavily armed troopers and five speeder bikes. Their thick plating shields them from all but the heaviest of artillery fire. Their heads can rotate, providing the commanding officer, pilot and gunner a sweeping view of any battlefield from the command deck.

AT-ATs are usually among the first vehicles to enter a combat zone. Their heavy, crushing feet can cause the ground to shake before they even appear, frightening and demoralizing the enemy. They are the main weapon that General Veers employs during the Imperial assault on Hoth.

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