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Devanshu Mehta (aka DevanJedi: skywalker{at}
Creator of the site; in control of the all the major sections along with regular news updates.

The Hall of Fame!
TheVader (thevader{at}
This guy has done the entire content for the Classic Gaming section. He also updates the news, writes articles, and makes new designs from time to time.

Karen (txkarenr{at}
Does the book reviews and general book stuff. This lady gives the site some class; which it decidedly needs!

Prasad (prasad{at}
This guy writes well! And that’s exactly what he does for and now the Pod Race Arena as well. He writes; humor, essays and in the encyclopedia! Other than that, this guy stays awake, when all others on the staff sleep. His own site at, is now part of the GFA network.

Dave Ackerman (bikerscout{at} )
This guy has brought the Complete Star Wars Toy Page over to Galaxy Far Away; and is our collecting guy! Watch out for his regular insights into the toy world.

This guy was the first staff member of the site and was responsible for a lot of the original design. The banner at the top of this page was designed by him around the year 2000.