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Ebert Roeper: Two Thumbs Up!

Just saw their early review on TV; overall they love the movie but are not impressed with the dialogue. Following points stood …

Welcome to the New

First up, I’m sorry. I have been absent from the site for 3 years now and I’m sorry. Three years can cause a lot of site rot (and it has), so bear with the broken parts and rough edges as I get the web site on its feet again. [...]

This Weekend: Sci-Fi Expo

A heads up to everyone- the SciFi Expo is this weekend in . Ben Stevens, writes in with a lot of information about the event. It’s a Star Wars themed even this time around (of course!). [...]

The Wookies I’ve Dated

For the romantic book readers out there, here’s one for the record books. I’ll let the book speak for itself. It opens: [...]

Star Wars Celebration Stuff

Star Wars Celebration has a lot of merchandise from the Celebration; the afghan rug and the water bottle are classics! [...]

Thank George

Dan Madsen, former editor of the Insider has launched a web site to host a letter to thank George Lucas for sharing his saga with us. While I wouldn’t go as far as hosting a web site solely for that purpose, I do believe my web site itself is it’s own ‘thank you’ to the maker. [...]

More to Come

While we revive the Multimedia section, click on for a few things to enjoy while you’re here. [...]

Two Weeks to Go

Two weeks until the final film of the saga! I’ve missed out on a lot of the pre-movie hype this time (life …

Editor Shelly Shapiro Interviewed has interviewed Del Rey editor Shelly Shaprio. Here’s an excerpt. Read it all at’s Jedi Council. What is the process …

No Episode II Insiders Guide

Remember the great CD-ROM Encyclopedia’s Behind the Magic and Episode I Insider’s Guide? Unfortunately there is no version scheduled for Attack of …

Religion and Morality in Star Wars

The Script Howard News Service has an article about religion and morality in Star Wars style. Read it all here. “It’s especially …

Second Boba Fett Novel

Terry Bison writes the second novel in the Boba Fett series, telling the young bounty hunter’s stories during the Clone Wars. The …

Spielberg Talks Star Wars

Director Steven Spielberg talks with the Empire magazine about Star Wars. You can read more of the interview here, but you’ll have …

LucasArts 20th Birthday

Today, LucasArts Entertainment Company celebrates its 20th birthday. Expect some interesting movies and articles from them the coming weeks. You can go …