Episode III Game in Stores

UPDATE: Very cool deal on the game this week at Toys R’ Us. You get a $10 gift card if you buy the game for the PS2 or XBox or if you buy the Episode III controller pack for either console. The offer is valid until the 21st of May.

Episode III Game for PS2For all you Episode III spoiler junkies, go get the game so you can play the movie before it comes out! For those of you avoiding spoilers, treat anything with the phrase ‘episode three’ in it as kryptonite. Must resist at all costs… you’ve done well so far- just 12 days to go.

The game, by the way, seems quite good from what I’ve heard; more accessible for those who aren’t superfans and still fun for those who are. It’s out on the PS2 and the XBox.

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i played episode iii at my cousins dads house on ps2 it is really cool,thankyou for making this game

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