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Fun Facts: Vader was Lying!

Darth Vader“I thought he was lying! I thought Darth Vader was lying.”
James Earl Jones on first reading the ESB script revealing Vader as Luke’s father

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@alex: Probably a more thorough reading of the actual article would reveal that this is just a fun fact about James Earl Jones; not an actual rumor about the movie.

Maybe alex is from Germany. That would explain the lack of proer english and the use of “du” which means “you” in german.

Hahahaa, what a noob, i feel sorry for people with such limited intelligence as Alex, Idiot is not spelt Idiot, Wasint is spelt, Wasn’t, and theres also lying, how tarded are some people.. and, Who puts a tube directly to the core of a planet destroying space station, darth or the emp dude, didn’t plan that out right. xD

Most of the people who have replied to this article are idiots, a fact made all the more evident by the inability of the posters in question to use grammar correctly, even when criticizing someone else’s use of the English language. Irony could not be any sweeter than this.

...and, in case you were wondering, yes, my statement that ‘most people who replied to this article are idiots’ does include me. I’m also sure that this comment is riddled with grammatical errors. Thanks for pointing that out.
Still… I may be an idiot, but I am nevertheless the first idiot to realize your idiocy as well as his own. I guess that makes me an idiot with self-awareness, which is actually just a self-aggrandizing way of saying that I’m a miserable idiot. Scratch that, it’s really just a self-aggrandizing way of saying nothing at all.

I hope you enjoyed my mental masturbation. Want a kleenex to wipe your face?

This is one minute of your life you’ll never get back.

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