Second Boba Fett Novel

Terry Bison writes the second novel in the Boba Fett series, telling the young bounty hunter’s stories during the Clone Wars. The novel is scheduled for a November release by Scholastic Inc. This summary is from the official site.

Boba Fett is alone—orphaned by the actions of the Jedi. Continuing his father’s legacy, Fett steels his resolve to survive and follow in his father’s footsteps.
Bounty hunter Aurra Sing delivers young Fett to Count Dooku, the mysterious benefactor who hired Jango. Young Fett assumes that Dooku will help him, but the renegade Jedi has his own dark agenda. What Boba discovers on that war-torn world known as Raxus Prime will change his life.

The Clone Wars continue to spread across the galaxy, and Fett is caught in their crossfire . His adventures will lead him from the refuse heaps of the galaxy to firefights among the clouds.

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