Religion and Morality in Star Wars

The Script Howard News Service has an article about religion and morality in Star Wars style. Read it all here.
“It’s especially interesting that the characters that represent the good side of the Force — like Obi-Wan Kenobi — stress the importance of following your feelings. But the characters that represent the dark side — like Chancellor Palpatine — are also telling Anakin he must learn to trust his feelings. Why do the good guys and the bad guys agree with each other?”

This may sound like the geeky Star Wars nit-picking that thrives in cyberspace, where legions of Lucas acolytes circulate catechisms detailing how many Jedi can twirl on the point of a light saber. But these are not meaningless questions for the generations baptized in images from the original trilogy and its sequels. The grand finale looms ahead on May 25, 2005.


“Star Wars is the closest thing many Americans have to a myth — by which I mean the stories that help us make sense of our lives and the world around us, and the traditional means by which cultures transmit their values and beliefs,” argues Rivera, in a essay called “Love, Sacrifice and Free Will in Star Wars.”

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