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Review: Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections

One of my favorite things about Star Wars are the ships and vehicles, so its no surprise that Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections has become one of my favorite books. The book is only 32 pages long, with each ship or vehicle taking up 2 pages, but it covers the more famous ones. A few included are the Millennium Falcon, Sandcrawler, AT-AT, and a few of the fighters. The details in the art are absolutely amazing, giving the reader an inside look at the design and function of the vehicles and ships.

Each page also includes detailed descriptions of each mode of transportation (or destruction).  It was interesting to learn that TIE fighters were built without landing gear, designed to reduce mass for maximum maneuverability, and also so that they can only land in a Star Destroyer’s hangar, to teach the pilots complete dependence on the authority of the Empire.

Full of interesting information and beautifully intricate drawings of some of the coolest ships and vehicles in Star Wars, this book is perfect for any fan looking to build their own X-Wing, get an inside look, or expand their collection.

[Editor’s note: Previously, we had reviewed Episode I: Incredible Cross-Sections from the same series. Also, this is the first post on by our newest contributor, Darth Rand!]

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