You Know You’re A Star Wars Nerd When…

  1. frequently get headaches trying to move things with your mind.

  2. …you say “Use the Foooorce” in completely serious situations.

  3. …you tell people your hunk-of-junk car can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

  4. …you don’t care that a parsec is not a measurement of time.

  5. …Jar Jar Binks makes you cry.

  6. …Mark Hamil calls you a Star Wars nerd.

  7. …you have a tan line from your Darth Vader helmet.

  8. …all your home movies involve you and a lightsaber.

  9. …you’ve had an argument about whether Darth Vader’s breathing sounds like “huul-kaa”, “hoo-pah”, or “choo-kaa”.

  10. …you know the back story of every creature and character that has even a single second of screen time.

  11. …you had a memorial service for Chewy (RIP).

  12. …Guiness makes you think of Ben Kenobi instead of beer.

  13. …you think of lightsabers every time you use a flashlight.

  14. use Star Wars quotes as a part of your daily life.

  15. …you watch a show you hate because they used a Star Wars quote once.

  16. …you can name three generations of Hutts.

  17. …you buy Star Wars costumes with no real intent on wearing them for Halloween.

  18. …your license plate says “WildKardde”

  19. …you know the Old Republic history better than your own country’s.

  20. …you defend George Lucas no matter what.

  21. …the intro crawl of A New Hope still makes you quiver.

  22. …you’ve lost several night’s worth of sleep wondering where the yellow ladder on Luke’s X-wing went.

  23. …you’re bummed that Taco Bell never made a “Chancellor Supreme.”

  24. …you worry about which fictional comic book story is more real than the others.

  25. …you really love this website.

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