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Top 10 Vacation Spots of the Star Wars Universe

  1. Dantooine: Go camping on one of Dantooine’s luscious valley floors, where the rebel base is definitely not located.

  2. Bespin: Hang out among the clouds in the planet with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the galaxy.

  3. Endor: Hike through Endor’s historical forests! (warning: do not pull hanging meat off trees)

  4. Hoth: The galaxy’s most popular ski resort, and home of the mythical Wampa!

  5. Ossus: Take in the epic history of the Jedi!

  6. Yavin IV: Visit the ancient Massassi temples, and the old Rebel base!
    Yavin IV

  7. Ando: Covered in ocean, Ando is the perfect place for swimming and fishing!

  8. Korriban: Take the kids to visit the tombs of Sith Lords of old!

  9. Naboo: Picnic in Naboo’s tranquil scenery and be sure to visit the Queen!

  10. Alderaan: Uhh, nevermind.

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