What is a Droideka (battle droid)?

Star Wars DroidekaTo make up for the weaknesses of battle droids, a special contract was awarded for the creation of an altogether different combat droid that wuold be a much more serious weapon. The design was created by a species of chitinous Colicoids in their own image on a planet far from the Republic’s core. Colicoids are known for their completely unfeeling and murderous ways, and Colla IV has been embroiled for many years in diplomatic disputes related to the death and consumption of visitors to the system. The droideka was exactly what concerned Trade Federation officers wanted; a formidable heavy-duty killing machine to back up the battle droids in the face of determined opposition.

Using a combination of momentum and repulsor effects, droidekas unfurl in a matter of seconds from wheel form into standing position, ready to attack. The dramatic transformation recalls the attack pattern of a deadly adult Colicoid, and can take unwary opponents by surprise-as droids’ manufacturers intended.

For compact storage and optimum travel speed, droidekas retract into the shape of a wheel. Using pulsed internal micro-repulsors in sequence, they roll themselves into battle, opening at the last minute into the their combat form. In transit, the wheel configuration presents a smaller and faster target to enemy gunfire.

When a droideka is ready to begin an assault, it quickly unfolds and stands up on three legs. Its pneumatic arms flex open and its eerie head rises with its enemy-finding sensors ablaze. Made only for combat and specialized for the single purpose of destruction, the droideka has no need of hands. Instead, powerful twin blaster are built onto its arms. Unlike the lightly built battle droids, every part of the droideka is heavy alloy or armor plate, making the machine a fearsome specter that cuts down soldiers by the dozen with ease.

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