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Who was Bib Fortuna?

Bib Fortuna is a Twi’lek who worked hard to gain his position as Jabba the Hutt’s majordomo. His life started on the hard Twi’lek world of Ryloth.

Fortuna became one of the biggest exporters of the addictive chemical ryll. When clan leaders learned of this they ordered for his death. Fortuna was able to allude them, but swore to get revenge. With time, though, the clans adapted to the point where not only ryll trade was allowed but so was slavery.

Soon Fortuna received an interesting offer from gang lord, Jabba the Hutt. The Hutt wanted the Twi’lek to enter into a glitterstem smuggling trade, and he proposed that Fortuna work as his production and transport agent. Jabba’s people would handle distribution but it was up to Bib Fortuna to bring in the spice.

Fortuna knew that if he stayed at that job for too long he’d be dead soon so requested a promotion, so to speak. The Hutt agreed and made the Twi’lek one of his lieutenants.

Fortuna later got revenge on his homeworld, when he went in with a battalion of attacking slave ships. When the carnage was complete 7 cities had been destroyed and their citizens taken captive. Jabba was impressed with Fortuna’s organizational skills and tactfulness. Fortuna soon became part of the “inner circle”. The Twi’lek had plans from then on to take the job as Jabba’s majordomo.

His only competition came from a Corellian smuggler (no not that one!) named Bidlo Kwerve. Fortuna outsmarted his opponent when the two of them presented Jabba the Rancor. While the Twi’lek was calm, Kwerve’s aggression made him the Rancor’s first snack.

From then on Fortuna was with Jabba everywhere from Pod-Races on Tatooine to the Throne room on Nal Hutta. The Twi’lek was Jabba’s key advisor and could often be seen whispering through his sharp teeth into the Hutt’s ear.

One a trip back to Ryloth, Fortuna stumbled upon a dancing girl named Oola. She was a wonderful dancer and the perfect gift for Jabba the Hutt. Fortuna kidnapped her and took her and later presented her to the crime lord. Oola was adamant but did one dance. When the Hutt pressed her for an encore she refused, resulting in her untimely death by Rancor.

That marked the beginning of the end for Bib Fortuna’s power. Soon after that two droids were sent to the palace, followed by a woman dressed as Boussh, who came to free Captain Solo. Soon after a man, claiming he was a Jedi knight tricked Fortuna into letting him see Jabba. After the Jedi killed the Rancor, Jabba planned to kill him, Solo and Chewbacca by throwing them in the Pit of Carkoon. When Skywalker launched an escape, Fortuna ran to his private skiff.

Bib Fortuna was never seen again.

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