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Star Wars on the Internet

While there are tons of people who surf the internet in search of Star Wars mp3s, midis, sound clips, videos and jpegs; a lot of people would just like to find new and cool Star Wars stuff on the internet. To that end, I present to you two tools:

Image Gallery Redux

The Star Wars Image Gallery which is home to over 1000 Star Wars images- from prequel pics to toys to Wallpapers …

Star Wars: Amputations

Now this came in a couple of days ago courtesy of Perry- and while I can’t see myself buying these T-shirts, but …

Tie Fighter Case Mod + Table

Through this story at Slashdot, I found this fantastic winner of a sci-fi PC case-mod competition at ExtremeTech. In his (Dave Barry …

Great Deal on Star Wars Posters

Want 20% off on Star Wars posters?
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On Aaron Allston

Recently a journalist named Jeff Salamon contacted me about to get a feel for what I though about Aaron Allston’s books; I never heard back from him but I recently googled him and found this article in the Austin American-Statesman newspaper. Nice to know he did get his piece out there. This is what I sent him earlier in May:

Fun Facts: Irritated Tauntauns

Tauntauns are irritated by the ultrasonic frequencies of certain droids, such as 3PO units, and tend to swat them with their tails. …

Classic Games for Download

We have brought back some of the classic games we had on the site for download! If anyone knows of any others we should include or any compelling reason (legal, moral) that we should remove the ones we have, let us know.

Star Wars Downloads

We have just updated/fixed a lot of stuff in the Multimedia section here. Many new sections and many old sections revived!

Episode III Box Office

Can we sink the Titanic? It’s too early to say, but many other records are going to be rewritten within the next few days as Episode III takes on the world.

Fun Facts: Star Dudes

A few months before the release of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, actor Liam Neesson (Qui-Gon Jinn) got an anonymous phone call …

GFA Review: Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

This one- this movie- is for you. Personally. It is a big fat present with a bow on top specially gift wrapped for you. You who feared, doubted and secretly dreaded that the prequels wouldn’t live up to everything you had dreamt of. Henceforth there will be no more Star Wars movies and this one is our parting gift. SPOILER FREE