A New Hope from a Post-Prequel 7-year Old

This story comes via Slashdot from the desk of Ghent on the new Star Wars blogs. Ghent’s 7-year old son had interesting observations regarding the original trilogy after having watched the prequels:

  • “Look… Obi-Wan is pretending he doesn’t know R2-D2.”

  • “Is Chewbacca the only Wookiee that survives the Clone Wars?” (with great concern)

A lot of it is quite unique and questions I definitely didn’t have and will take a clear minded rewatching to fully appreciate.

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Star Wars from a Fresh Perspective

By way of we have a story from the desk of Ghent where the blogger’s 7-year old son has some fresh perspective on the original Star Wars trilogy having watched the prequels first! The story has a lot of interesting observations…

This reminds me of the conversation my coworker’s son had with his mom a few years ago. They were watching a CNN special called “Countdown to the Clones”. My coworker’s son was about 3 years old at the time:

Tristan: Oh, what his name!
Mommy: That’s Yoda.
Tristan: What his name?
Mommy: Yoda.
Tristan: Oh, Loda… He have green ears… and points?
Mommy: Yes.
Tristan: Oh. Loda is scary? Or… Loda is my friend? Oh! Loda is my friend!
Mommy: Yes.
Tristan: Loda is my friend! Me go see it when it come out! Me go see Loda it come out!

well i think that it’ss quite nice to have qa diferent pintt of veiw if alot of us though like that then we might ask more question

@James, you may be right- but this is the point of view of a 7-year-old watching this for the first time. And he’s only asking the question- is he?

Who says he doesn’t? Besides, all he says is that he doesn’t remember owning a droid, and we know he never owned Artoo. He’d end up having to explain how, Artoo would have to explain the hidden connection to Threepio (he’d known Artoo forever and had never heard of Obi-wan), and they’d both end up probably giving away that Vader is Luke’s dad before the brat is ready.

@Tertius, I realize your point- but you have to understand that these were observations of a 7-year-old watching these movies for the first time. That is what makes the observations interesting, not any actual fallacies in the story.

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