Episode III Box Office

UPDATE: Stop the presses. It’s a $50 million opening day! I believe, even for adjusted dollar value it trumps anything that has ever preceded it.

Can we sink the Titanic? It’s too early to say, but many other records are going to be rewritten within the next few days as Episode III takes on the world. An estimated $16.5 million just from the midnight screenings bodes well for the prospects of highest gross for an opening day and four day weekend. Where we go from there- depends on you. How many times will you see it in the theatres?

Personally, I saw

  • The Phantom Menace 7 times (3 English, 4 Hindi)
  • Attack of the Clones 5 times (3 regular, 1 digital, 1 IMAX)
  • Revenge of the Sith 1 time so far with many more to come…

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