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Happy 7th Birthday is 7 years old this week. Back in 1998 I set it up on a location that is still active; I used to call it TGFFA for The Galaxy Far, Far Away and it used to look something like this. In the summer of 1999, the summer of Episode I, I bought this domain name and set up the site around it. I gained a staff most of whom are no longer in touch. I also set up Pod Race Arena as a Star Wars magazine- a GFA spin-off. On the first birthday of GFA, we had this funky, fake, bizarre Star Wars party. Or at least we said we did!

Over the years, the amount of time I could afford to spend here has diminished, but barring some catastrophic event, the site and its content shall remain. And I shall be back with updates as often as I can. Since the Star Wars universe has shrunk (both online and off), there are fewer places to get your fix. I promise will always be one of them. Thanks for visiting.

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