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Science of Star Wars: Museum of Science, Boston

Star Destroyer at the Museum of Science, BostonI finally made it to the Star Wars exhibit at the Museum of Science here in Boston and it was worth every penny ($5 with a discount I got; up to $20 for normal people). From full scale models to costumes to replicas to miniatures and of course, the most important part, using it all to get kids interested in real science. I took 100s of photographs for you all, of which 59 of the best Museum of Science Star Wars pictures are uploaded and ready for consumption.

There was a multimedia tour that I did not take; but it involved a PDA and headphones that gave you audio and video tour (behind the scenes, trivia, etc.) of the exhibits.

The tour started with “Luke’s landspeeder from Episode IV”:; a miniature and a full scale model. There was a section devoted to droids, with R2, 3PO, Droidekas and more. In the ‘Robot Theater’, they had a show (hosted by an animatronic C3PO inside a rusty sandcrawler) to teach kids about real world robots. The Aibos playing soccer was cool.

There were many sections where kids could build their own robots and test different real-world theories that could explain Star Wars technologies such as magnetic levitation and prosthetic limbs. Speaking of prosthetic limbs, in addition to models of the famous prosthetic arms of Star Wars, they also had models and descriptions of real world prosthetics.

Inside Vader's Helmet at Museum of ScienceAmong Star Wars exhibits, the coolest was the 3-piece Darth Vader helmet, dismantled and available to view (through glass) inside and out. The inside of Vader’s helmet (as seen at the end of Episode III) is a very cool sight. There were many original models and costumes from the film; and for the first time, I saw stuff from all 6 films at the same location.

Instead of listing everything I saw, take a look at my Museum of Science picture gallery and come back here to tell me what you thought. The exhibit is definitely worth the trip for Star Wars fans; but you knew that already.

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It sounds so cool! I would have loved to have gone – but unfortunately I’m in the wrong country. Wrong hemisphere actually. Why don’t they do cool stuff like that here in Australia? Oh well.

@Felicity, I believe the Magic of the Myth exhibit had come to Australia a few years ago; but maybe not in the part of Australia you are from. From the number of comments you have on this site, it seems like you are a regular visitor- thanks!

I hope the exhibition proves to all those silly Trekkies out there that Star Wars is science fiction,not fantesy (which is what star trek is) A sceintist can tell you that time travel IMPOSSIBLE where as making driods is already in our world.

I completely agree with Nadjedi.Those silly Trekkies keep promoting their favorite TV show to be scientific when its all fantasy.Star Wars defintely is science fiction.
To learn more please visit Micheal Wong’s website.He is a long time Trekkie basher and can refute their propaganda of Star trek being “science fiction” in 2 seconds.

Seriously speaking Star Trek is nothing but pseuodo science that’s it.

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