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Star Wars Episode I
Incredible Cross Sections
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What I expected -

Some cool pictures of the vehicles of Episode I. Because I was buying the book before the release of the film, I was not expecting a LOT of spoiler info; because LucasFilm would not have allowed the book out if it had any such material. Yet, I expected very detailed information on the ships and star fighters. And boy was I going to be surprised...

What I got -

I was COMPLETELY blown out of my mind with this one! An amazing work, to say the least. Along with it's counter part, Star Wars : Incredible Cross Sections, it is the best Star Wars reference non-fiction out there. Seriously! the pictures/art is out of this world. And it should be; it's Star Wars!
The cross-sections are so detailed, the brain stops functioning (I meant that as a good thing!). I loved the droid tank in the film; and this thing totally satisfied every need of mine! Coming before I saw the film, the Gungan vehicles were intriguing. Even after I saw the film, I ran home and checked out on every thing I had seen. And it was like reliving the film. More than the Visual Dictionary from the same publishers, this gives a lot more detailed view of the technology in the film.

Ups :
Amazing Cross Section
Details like you've never read/seen before!
Info on some cool aspects like which factory/company on which planet makes the vehicle, etc. COOL!
Downs :
Too much emphasis on the diagrams; though of course, that's what it's meant to be. They don't claim to do otherwise. So I guess, there's no downside!

And so...

A must buy for Star Wars fans; large and small. Maybe not exactly small, because it has no pictures from the film, only art. But then again, if the kid is a Star Wars fan, I don't think he'll care.
If there is one book to buy from all teh

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