Star Wars in Concert: Boston

In November, I went to see Star Wars in Concert here in Boston at the Garden and it was a treat. It was a live concert, hosted by Anthony Daniels (C3PO), set to video and effects. The concert took us through the entire saga, with Daniels introducing each bit.

The best part was the kids in the audience and the extraordinary time they were having. So many of them were dressed up in costumes. The new Clone Wars TV series has reignited the passion in a new generation.

Here I am with my 10-year old Darth Maul t-shirt. (And here I am with the same t-shirt at the opening of Episode I in India 10 years ago):

Darth Maul.
Is my friend and all.

There’s Anthony Daniels, if you believe me.

A lot of kids were dressed up, as were many characters available for photo ops. They also had a lot of displays and props from the movies outside the arena by the concession stands.

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