Star Wars in India: the Lines

The following is the second in a series of articles originally produced on in the fall of 1999, coinciding with the release of Star Wars Episode I in India.

From the Lines
Hi! I (DevanJedi) just saw it in Hindi; and I must say, the dubbing was done well. I knew every line in English, so could tell the difference. It was well done; but for a bit of a heavy dose of  Hindi! Another problem was that the ‘profecy of the chosen one’ was reffered to as ’ chosen by God’! God? In Star Wars?

In English : Qui Gon: He is the chosen one.
In Hindi : Qui Gon : He has been sent by God.

The voices were well done; Jar Jar sounded like himself, as did Watto, Boss Nass, and the Neimoidians. It was cool; and I’ll be off to see it again soon!

Pictures from the last country on earth to see TPM!

Thats me! DevanJedi of reporting from Baroda, India!

Timings at Rajshree Cinema, Baroda, India!

Everybody’s been waiting for the 22nd of October

Half an hour before the first show; no one slept over from the night before to get tickets here!

The Hindi Poster!

More people just before the show started!

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