Top Five Ways Avatar Will Change the World… for Star Wars Fans

Avatar has probably changed what people expect from movies. But what has it changed for Star Wars fans? Here are the top five things Avatar has changed for Star Wars Fans:
Zoe Saldana

  1. When people talk about that cool blue alien, they will no longer be talking about Max Rebo.


  2. Ewoks are no longer the gold standard in native jungle warfare.


  3. Eywa is the new force.


  4. When people talk about the beautiful, half-naked alien, they won’t be talking about Oola.


  5. When people ask if Avatar is this generation’s Star Wars, we will realize our generation is past.


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5 replies on “Top Five Ways Avatar Will Change the World… for Star Wars Fans”

This should not be misconstrued as bitterness or poor sportsmanship on my part, because I wish James Cameron and Avatar all success. For whatever reason, Avatar seems to have captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences in a way that hasn’t been done in the last ten years. That said, I don’t think “our generation is past.” There are significant differences between Avatar and the Star Wars films that will, in my opinion, ensure that Star Wars remains a legend while Avatar will have to settle for being, at best, a classic. Namely, the reason why Star Wars has endured as long as it has goes beyond its sequels and merchandising- it has endured because the first movie and all that followed presented a universe infinitely rich with possibilities and storylines. Both foreground and background characters had the kind of depth that lent itself to the possibility of all kind of stories- both the published kind and the kind simply imagined by children playing with action figures. In doing so, it became “of the people” the same way that Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and other stories have before it.

Avatar, in the end, focuses on two peoples, one planet, and a handful of stock characters. It just doesn’t have that sense of possibility. Even if Jim Cameron wanted to make it so, there just isn’t room in Avatar for a thousand books, comics, television shows, etc, to be made from it. It’s one linear narrative, and that’s it. So it’s very unlikely that it will ever become the mythology that Star Wars became.

Well said, Chris. Agree with all of that—I was thinking about the same thing recently. Avatar doesn’t have much that a kid could take home and make his/her own.

hey devanjedi…was wondering if there is a STAR WARS fan
club in India?? Am a great fan of the series…was wondering about
the possibility of re running this wonderful movie, and let a whole
generation, who have missed out the pleasuer of enjoying this
master piece on BIG SCREEN experience the magic .

O My this article is Hilarious. I love the fact that you combined Avatar and Star Wars. And my favorite parts are the ewok, and “When people talk about the beautiful, half-naked alien, they won’t be talking about Oola.” Classic is all I have let to say, classic!!

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