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What’s Next for Star Wars on the Internet?

Star Wars on the internet has been calm, lately. There is no news, nothing to report and all content is old. The community that was once vibrant- almost agressive- is has now been relegated to the outer rim of the galaxy.

We want to change that here at It will be hard and until the television show is in full swing, there will be nothing to root for. But we are Star Wars fans- we lived from 1983 to 1996 with nothing but a growing expanded universe and our fandom.

So what next? I want to bring back new content to the web site and revitalize Star Wars on the internet, but I cannot do it alone. I am going to get in touch with all the old gang who made this site what it was, and what the internet used to mean for Star Wars, and see what we can come up with. I also want all the suggestions I can get for new content- novel stuff- humor, multimedia, mobile content, interactivity; you name it, we want to do it here. Let me know what you miss most from the old days of Star Wars on the internet (or new stuff that never was) in the comments below.

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