Star Wars Around the Internet

Here are a few cool Star Wars-ey things that I’ve found around the internet recently:

  • Droidmaker Book Review: TBone over at has a review of a book that was totally under my radar. He gives it a 10 out of 10:
    DROIDMAKER by Michael Rubin fills the void present in those Lucasfilm biographies by letting us know that Lucas wasn’t the only brain in the company. He was more like the Wizard of Oz himself – the idea man who made films and started a business while hoping others would bring the technology forward enough to meet his vision, which was way ahead of its time.
    A few reviews & positive blurbs also at Amazon.

  • The Star Wars Photoshopping Project : Very cool photoshopping. One image from Star Wars has been taken to every photoshopped extreme from Monty Python to Lethal Weapon.

  • Dillon Works Star Wars Home Theater : A spectacular custom-designed 10 seat home theater that looks like it is inside a Corellian Corvette or something.

  • Yoda Helps Solve Unlock Cathedral Mystery
    Computer animation software used in newer “Star Wars” films to bring the pint-sized Jedi to life has now been modified to investigate the mysteries of cathedral architecture.

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