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GalaxyFarAway.com's First Birthday

Galaxy Far Away turned one-year old today, and celebrated it in what turned out to be one of the biggest celebrations for any even in the Galaxy, ever (barring one that took place in Denver, a little while ago!). Anybody who was anybody (and even a few who weren't) was invited.
Among those present were Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, Darth Vader and many others. Palpatine was conspicuous in his absence; though Darth Sidious did make an appearance (yes, in flesh; not projection!).
The celebration was held on Tatooine, symbolic as a place "where it all started". When asked about his reaction to the party, Luke Skywalker said, "I really did not want to come. I told Mara that I had to go to Toshi Station to get some power converters; but she wouldn't have it. she said I could hang out with my friends after I had attended the party."
There were Games, song, dance and more. Boss Nass was having such a great time he just couldn't stop spitting.

Here's a few things our reporter noticed; before he got drunk and passed out.

The Sith were the first to arrive; punctual as usual. They did not have much to say. All Maul kept saying was, "At last we shall reveal ourselves to the Jedi."
It was later discovered, that it was all the English Maul knew!
When Maul, who was voted Creature Magazine's Thing of the Year, was asked for comment on the situation, all he said was, "At last we shall reveal ourselves to the Jedi."

TK-421, who was in-charge of the security arrangements for the party was at his post; for once! But poor C3-P0 had to go back home because TK wouldn't let him in without any clothes on!
He came back a little later.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Amidala had a great time discussing fashion and hair-dos with bounty hunter Aurra Sing!

Poor Greedo never made it to the party; and in fact has not been heard from since. He was last spotted outside Jabba's Palace...

The Neimoidians, Nute and Lott, kept arguing about which of them should apologize to Sidious about the Naboo fiasco.
Shmi tried to end the argument by telling them both to go. "Yes, he may kill you; but you can't stop change, just as you can't stop the Sun from setting."

Watto had a bet with a few bounty hunter's that he could fly over Sarlacc's Pit for the entire duration of the party.
We don't know who one the bet; 'cuz he never got back!

Han just wasn't himself in the party.

I mean literally, Han wasn't himself. He was Carbonite.
After Yoda had 2 to 3 beers, he hung around Han and kept making bad jokes at Han like,
"Strong you are with the force; but not that strong. heh heh!" and "How you get so big drinking beer of this kind! heh heh."

There was a lot of song and dance with the Max Rebo band, Oola, the celebrated Bith Band, etc.



Oh, yeah.. I almost forgot... Puff Daddy and Will Smith too!

Our favorite hero, Willow arrived a bit late; strangely carried by a Tusken Raider.

Willow came courtesy of our affiliates LucasFan.com

Indiana Jones
Boba Fett mistook him for Han and arrested him in the parking lot!

Of course, no one gets away with arresting Indy now, do they? Fett paid for it!

Among the celebrities invited was Jim Carrey. He hit off quite well with Jar Jar!

In fact, after a few drinks, nobody could tell them apart.

Actually even without the drinks; nobody could tell them apart!

Carrey is said to have offered Jar Jar a role in his next film Man on the Moon.

Another celebrity invited was Austin "Danger" Powers, who kept making passes at Aurra Sing.. before Fett heard about it!

Here you can see him with all the friends he made at the party!

By the end, half of the people (yes, and creatures, droids, whatevers) were drunk. Qui-Gon kept speaking into this little Gillette Sensor Excel for Women. Obi-Wan walked around, and would tell whoever he bumped into, "Be mindful!"
Everyone went home at around dawn; when the first of the two suns began to rise.

Oh yeah; one more thing. Before he left, Darth Vader had only one thing to say; "This party was so wizard! Yippeeee!"