The Phantom Menace in India

New scans from newspaper clippings in India; in Gujarati, Hindi and from papers across the country!

Also, thanks to,,, and all the others who linked to us during and around the Indian TPM release.

Friday, October 22nd, 1999 afternoon

TPM has been released in India; and I’ve already seen it once here (taking my total to four!). It was in Hindi and was cool! Check out pictures from the lines/theatre here. More to come by tonight!In other important news for GFA, we have a news sponsor in Brian’s Toys. They will be our exclusive sponsors from next week. Check them out; and let them know we sent you!

Friday, October 22nd, 1999

Today TPM will be released in the last country on earth; India, the home of DevanJedi of Check out our feature on the Indian release, pictures from the lines, news clippings and more.

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