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Official Site Update
The Official site has been updated with some information background on Star Wars’s female characters, click here to check it out.
Star Wars fan made trailers are popping up in all corners of the world. You should check out the following sites which have fan made Star Wars trailers for download:

Star Wars: Lord of Siths – filming done in Los Angles – has a 2.8 MB mov formatted trailer for download at the site here

The Jedi Academy – located in Vienna, Austria – has trailers on 2 mirrors and in 3 different sizes from a 4 MB, 12 MB & 20 MB sized Quicktime 3.0 teaser trailer at the site here Note: site has an English and Deutsch version.
News from George at ThePrequels.Net

Episode 2 script – ‘Mandate of Tyranny’ by Wendy Dale Smith
This is not your ordinary fan fic script it’s a full movie script complete and is excellent – so readers state they even feel like they have finished watching Episode 2 already !
Wendy has asked for readers who have read her script to provide comments and feedback to her at
News from George at ThePrequels.Net

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