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Changes at GFA

After a bit of a hectic week with the release in India, things are sort of back to normal. The Books Section is redone; which was long overdue. The design on many of the pages have been changed; as you can notice, no right side-bar! Expect to see the Games Section redone soon.

Also, is proud to host the Interstellar Federation of the SWCombine. (Why? Because both Jedirob and I, DevanJedi are members of it!).  The section is not complete, but worth a look. And if you haven’t checked out SWCombine yet, what are you waiting for? It’s the coolest online Star Wars game around.

Expect no more updates till later today. This is because we are switching our banners to our new sponsors; Brian’s Toys, a complete Star Wars toys dealers. They have everything from vintage to Episode I. Check them out; and let them know we sent you!

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