Australia and Mara Jade

At this point in time, we are in a better position than a lot of sites to give you exclusive news. Want to know why? We have an Aussie staff member! will be proudly bringing you exclusive news and reports from the Fox Studios Australia opening  with the help of our very own Jedi Rob and Keep checking for more!

Official Site Update

The Official site has three updates today. One is a report on ILM; and their methods in seamlessly merging the CG characters with live action footage. Interesting stuff. The snapshot for the day is a picture of Anakin with R2; with Anakin trying to get into the Naboo Fighter.
The third update is an interesting one. For the first time, we see Mara Jade in “flesh”. An actress has been chosen to play Mara Jade, and will feature on the cover of Insider #47! She will also have her own CCG card soon from Decipher.

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