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Review: Jedi Power Battles

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Ok, Finally I get my first review done here….

Gameplay: It is has a “so-so” control figure. The fun factor is high in this game because it is fun to slash through the enemy. You feel like a true jedi! You can choose between 5 or maybe 6 jedis. There is power ups and extra stuff. The great amount of codes allows you to have fun and complete the game again with ease. It may seem fun but there is a lot of glitches. Like you may see a rock to jump on and when you jump on it you fall right through. You may need a punching bag because I heard it goes into a freeze in certin parts of the game. Full Grades at the bottem.

Graphics: Ew, The horror! Nah, Just kidding! Ok, The graphics for this game is pretty bad… But the lightsabre looks good and the faces is alright. I am not sure if you can identify the jedi’s by looking at there faces in action. There is some graphics glitches… No doubt LucasArts should of looked at this game twice…

Sound: Ok about the sound it is alright. No John Williams but a little background sound to keep you wiping those droids clean.

Last Comments: Ok, It is a game for the true Star Wars gamers. If your not you won’t like it because of the lack of effort LucasArts gave this game. If your like me you would put aside the reviews and just love the game as it is: Kicking Droid Butt

Final Grades
Gameplay: 9.4/10
Graphics: 6.8/10
Sound: 9.0/10
Overall: 7.8 (Not a average)

by Excercite

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