Collecting Prequels

Post Midnight Madness Mumblings

So what did you buy today?

I am proud/ashamed to say I spent about $150 offline and another $40 online in toys, books and music. 6 action figures, 4 deluxe action figures, one 12”, one speeder, one novelization and one soundtrack later; am I disappointed?

No; I loved it. I love the lack of hype. I love being able to get my hands on everything I WANT without fighting over it. And I like people underestimating the power of Episode II this time around.

Besides that, I picked up my Star Wars Lucky Charms last week; I passed on the Lays and Ruffles- I just can’t see myself eating the whole pack.

Ok, I’m just rambling- hope you enjoyed your April 23rd. Now looking forward to the Celebration and Spiderman on the 3rd and then the real thing on the 16th.

Does it get any better than this?

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