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Who were the Handmaidens to Queen Amidala?

Handmaidens to Queen Amidala

Amidala has five handmaidens: Rabe, Eirtae, Sabe, Sache and Yane.

Dedicated and low-key, the royal handmaidens shadow Queen Amidala at all times. This select group maintains Amidala’s regal image, assisting behind the scenes with elaborate make-up, dresses, hairstyles. They also quietly protect Amidala, acting as secret bodyguards. Upon Amidala’s coronation, the handmaidens were picked for their intelligence, courage and resemblance to the Queen. The Queen values their company, and has become especially good friends with the dependable cool-headed Sabe.


In spite of her young age, Rabe has learnt to exercise great patience in her role as handmaiden to the Queen. She soothes the Queens nerves and helps to prepare her exotic hairstyles, which can require several hours to perfect.


The most important handmaiden is Sabe. First in line to become the royal decoy in times of danger, she dresses as the queen and hides her features with white makeup. Amidala has coached her in regal bearing and speech. Even so, she plays the role with apprehension, concerned that a subtle slip will give her sovereign away.


Handmaiden Eirtae comes from a town in a remote river valley. Her family was wealthy and she was taught the demands of etiquette, She helps the other handmaidens- and sometimes the queen- with royal protocal.

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