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What are the Echo Base and Hoth?

The remote ice world of Hoth conceals the secret Echo Base, a Rebel stronghold built after the evacuation of the base on Yavin IV. The planet is uninhabitable except for a temperate band circling its equator, consisting mostly of tundra. The Rebel Base is located on the northern edge of this band, amidst snowy mountains. Though temperatures are tolerable for humans in the daytime, nightfall brings a killing cold, and shelter becomes vital for survival. Machinery and equipment are also affected by Hoth’s ice, wind, and cold, and Rebel mechanics work constantly to adapt their gear to the to the frozen climate.

Echo Base is the secret Alliance command headquarters on the planet Hoth has been carved out of interconnected ice caves on the planet’s frozen surface. The largest room is the cavernous main hangar where the Rebel fleet is prepared for action. Large generators provide the power needed to keep the base operating, and a huge planetary ion cannon mounted in a multistory cylindrical tower is ready to hurl bursts of ionized energy into space to ward off hostile vessels.

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