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Cheats: Dark Forces on PC

Disable FMV sequences, briefing, and agent menu:
Start the game with the -c0 command line parameter.

Run specific level:
Start the game with the -l{level name} command line parameter.

Enable screen shots:
Start the game with the -shots command line parameter. Press [Print Screen] to save the current screen as “scrsht##.pcx” in PCX format.

Hold `at the map screen. Select a destination with the cursor keys and type lantfh.

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes while controlling Kyle to enable the corresponding cheat function.
Insect mode: labug
Full map: lacds
Display coordinates: ladata
Full invincibility: laimlame
Full ammo: labrady
Invincibility, unlimited ammo: laterminate
Full items, weapons, and ammo: lamaxout
Teleport to current map position: lantfh
Disable height checking: lapogo
All weapons, shield, and health: lapostal
Supercharge weapons: larandy
Enemies freeze when killed: laredlite
Full inventory: launlock
Level skip: laskip

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