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Cheats: Dark Forces on Playstation

Cheat menu:
Press Left, Circle, X, Right, Circle, X, Down, Circle, X during game play. A cheats menu will appear with the following options:
Invincible: No damage.
Coords: Displays current position.
Pal mode: Switches NTSC to PAL, will freeze NTSC machines.
Supermap: Display full map of current level.
Maxout: All weapons and ammunition.
Pogo: Higher jump to reach previously inaccessible locations.
Ponder: Turn AI off.
Gamewon: Jump to next level.
To use the level skip feature, enable the “Gamewon” option on the cheat menu. Resume playing and pause the game to access a new option to jump to the next level.

Level select:
Enter P3NDLDQNY2 as a password to access all previous levels.*Update* Also enter 205F6HJT0V as a password to unlock all the levels and have all the guns. Mission Description Password 2 09VCJGG7WM
4 Imperial Weapons Facility 885BVHMCQ8
5 Gromas Mines !32ZNJQHT3
6 Imperial Detention Center GV8KF!G6KL
7 Ramsees Shed 3X8MJ47R3X
8 Robotics Facillity LMZRK4!R3D
9 Nar Shadda BR2WYK2CQJ
10 Jabba’s Ship 00GBNLJ4G0
11 Imperial City T2GDTJG5JT
12 Fuel Station H2DCTKH40S
13 The Executor PPYRQP58LD
14 The Arc Hammer RT2W121V7J

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