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What is an Assault Frigate?

These Rebel, and later New Republic ships are actually Imperial Dreadnaught heavy cruisers that have been painstakingly and cleverly modified to create combat starships 700 metres lonf. While Imperial ships required crew of 16,000, the Alliance retooling has reduced the crew requirements by more than two-thirds. Removing tons of superstructure has increased engine capacity while lowered fuel consumption. The addition of two rear solar fins has made the assault frigates faster and more maneuverable. The frigates usually carry about 100 troops or 7,500 metric tons of cargo. They each carry a modified assault shuttle piggyback atop their superstructure, while twenty umbilical docking tubes can be used for light freighters and starfighters. The ships are armed with fifteen regular and twenty quad laser cannons along with fifteen turbo laser batteries.

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