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Where can I find ___.wav Star Wars sound?

That’s easy- check in our Star Wars sounds page. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, post in the comments below (or on that page).

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I’ve been looking for Anakin’s line to Obi-Wan as their battle is about to end: “This is the end for you, my master.” No one has this on any site I’ve seen. I’d love to get it!

I’m looking for the sound of the imperial cruiser coming up from behind the camera. If memory serves right its a low, roaring noise.

I am looking for the sound file of one of the droids in Episode I, I think, saying, “Roger, roger.” if you can find it, that would be cool. I have looked on a few other sites, and no one seems to have it avaliable.


I am trying to find some droid sounds from the new trilogy for an audioi project. If you can find it, I will post storm trooper sounds on my web site.

I am looking for star wars’ character voices that speack other languages such as greedo…can anybody tell me the site or somwthing???


Need Darthmaul saying
EX: “at last we will revil ourselfs to the jedi,at last we will have revenge.”

darthmaul sayingslike “at last we will reveail ourselvef to the jedi,at last we will have revenge.

I would love to get the metal remix of the Darth Vader March as heard in the game “Lego Star Wars II” for the XBOX 360, Episode VI, Chapter 1 and 2. You know, the one that gets Jabba’s guards rockin out so you can kill them without getting hit yourself!

Looking for the beeping sound from inside the cockpit of slave 1 from ESB as Fett tracks Solo to Bespin.

I would like a 30 second excerpt of the ‘Duel of the Fates’ as a Startup for Windows. Or some lightsabers whooshing and crashing like battle sounds.

I need droid sounds like when one of the droids say “ROGER ROGER” I really need it for my movie

I have been looking for the two variations of the klaxon alarms that sound during the original trilogy. There is a deep, slow one and a higher pitched version of the same sound. Also the original alarm sound on the Blockade Runner interior in Episode 4

I looking for all/any star ships sound, X-wings, tie fighters larser sound and fly by’s. Larger ships firing and in flight.

Hello, I have been looking for slave1 sounds but I cant find any anywhere! I’m looking for slave1 sounds from any of the star wars episodes. I need slave 1 flying sounds, gun sounds and maybe the sounds from one of slave1’s sonic charges from episode 2!.


i am looking for the sound of obiwans delta 7 starfighter and i could use a lil help. thanx in advance

I once found the sound of the concussion blaster from one of the older star wars games, one of the Dark Forces series, but now I can no longer find it. Anyone got a link to it?

I’m looking for the Imperial Star Destroyer alarm too, but (althought it has almost all the other sounds most of the people here are looking for) didn’t have it. Anyone know where to get that sound?

Love the site. Looking for the a sound if you can help me out. In Attack of the Clones, looking for the sound of Jango Fett’s seismic charge bomb when he was battling Obi Wan in the asteroid belt. Please help! and MTFBWY!

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