Starfighter FAQ

What was the X-Wing Fighter?

One of the Rebel Alliance’s most advanced fighters, the X-wing plays a major role in the assault on the first Death Star. The one-man T-65 X-wing starfighter, which measures 12.5 meters from nose to engine block, was the final design of its kind by the Incom Corporation before Incom was nationalized by the Empire.

The X-wing takes its name from its pair of double-layered wings that are deployed into an X-formation for combat. During atmospheric and non-combat space flight, the wings are closed for stability. Each wing tip carries an oversized long-range laser cannon.

A pair of proton torpedo launchers are mounted midway up the main space-frame, each holding a magazine of three torpedoes. An R2 astromech droid housed in a snug droid socket behind the pilot handles many in-flight operations, such as damage control, astrogation and flight performance adjustment.

The X-wing is known for its durability, with a reinforced alloy hull and high-powered shield generators. It can normally take minor hits without a serious loss of performance, and has full ejection and life-support systems. X-wings have hyperdrive systems that add flexibility to their list of attributes

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