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What are Jawas?

Intelligent but smelly scavengers of the desert, these rodent-like creatures are natives of Tatooine. About a meter tall and constantly jabbering in their own language, Jawas live in clans.

To protect themselves from the fierce double suns of their planet, they wear coarse, homespun cloaks with hoods; only their glowing eyes are visible.

Jawas travel and live in bands, using giant, treaded sandcrawlers for mobility and shelter. The crawlers can hold many dozens of Jawas as well as the droids and other machinery that they scavenge, repair and resell to Tatooine moisture farmers and others; as they did with C3P0 and R2D2. Once each year before the storm season, Jawas make a trek to the great basin of the Dune Sea for a huge, secret rendezvous that becomes a great swap meet where they exchange news and salvaged items.

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Могу предложить много инфы по данной теме, нужно?.

Это хорошо что вы начали вести блог,ведь у вас это отлично получается и надеюсь будет еще лучше. Главное писать о том,в чем вы разбираетесь. Удачи. 🙂

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