Jedi Outcast Playable Demo

I just got this from the Official LucasArts newsletter: is pleased to announce that the playable demo for Star Wars® Jedi Knight II®: Jedi Outcast™ will be available for download on Friday, May 10th!

Gameplay takes place in a COMPLETELY NEW LEVEL not found in the actual retail version of Jedi Outcast! An early version of this level originally premiered at E3 2001. Scores of fans have asked about it since then, so the team cleaned it up and added more dialogue, cutscenes, textures and doubled the size of the map.

In the demo, Kyle not only has access to five different weapons (Bryar Pistol, Stormtrooper Rifle, Flechette, Thermal Detonators and the Seeker), but he also has his lightsaber and various Force Powers
including Force Jump, Push, Heal and Mind Trick.

Find more information here.

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