Episode III Already?

Two seperate rumors sprouted their head today; one concerning Padme and the other concerning the droids.

First off, E! Daily News reported this quote from Lucas concerning the C3PO and R2D2 and why they don’t remember everything in the 1977 Star Wars (besides the fact that they had no idea the prequels were coming):

(SPOILER ALERT🙂“Well, one, his brains have, his memory system has been erased and so has R2’s. So, they don’t remember anything from the first trilogy. I’m telling you something from Episode III, but I shouldn’t be telling you that, but I think most of the fans already know that.”

I don’t know the authenticity of that one, but it is reported here at Coming Attractions.

Secondly, MTv Movie House reports a rumor that Natalie Portman will shoot a scene to appear on the Return of the Jedi DVD. People, don’t expect a flashback. Don’t expect her to survive either. I think it is going to be something more subtle. But thats just me; I’m just a gungan with a lightsaber.

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